Fix “This App Can’t Open” Error in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Store and the error related to it is a common sight, but if it starts to happen repeatedly, it can be annoying. One such annoying error is “this app can’t open” error in Windows 10. The error occurs when you try to open Windows apps such as Mail, Calendar, Maps, Photos, etc.

List of Windows Apps Affected by the error:

  • Windows Store
  • Alarms & Clock
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Groove Music
  • Mail
  • News
  • OneNote
  • People
  • Phone
  • Phone Companion
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Netflix

Types of This App can’t Open Error:

Microsoft Windows throws a different type of this can’t open error message to different users. As a result, there is no go-to fix to resolve the error. Have a look at the types of error below and see if your error is one of them.

  • There is a problem with Calendar. Contact your system administrator about repairing or reinstalling it.
  • Check the Windows Store for more info about Mail. Go to the Store.
  • People can’t be opened using the Built-in Administrator account. Sign in with a different account and try again.
  • Windows Store can’t open while User Account Control is turned off. Turn on User Account Control.

If you are facing any of the above-listed error, here are a couple of fixes that can help you resolve the error. Even if you are not facing an exact but similar error, these fixes can be helpful.

Fix 1: Create a New User Account

In case “This app can’t open error” is appearing in your primary user account, you may try switching to another user account on your PC. If you don’t have another user account, you can create one.

1. Click the Start button and select Settings.

2. Click the Accounts option.

3. Go to Family and other People tab.

Add a New user to Windows !0

4. Click Add a family member button.

5. Select Add an Adult and enter a new Email address.

Make sure you use a Microsoft live account. If you don’t have an alternative email ID, you can create a new one. Click on “The person I want to add doesn’t even have an email address” link.

6. Create a new email ID and click Next.

7. Once the account is created. Sing out of your computer and log in using the new user account.

8. After signing in, try to open the apps with the error and see if the error is fixed. If fixed, log in using your primary user account.

Fix 2: Enable UAC ( User Account Control)

UAC or User Account Control settings allow you to prevent programs from making changes any to your PC without your permission.

The error “Windows Store can’t open while User Account Control is turned off. Turn on User Account Control” can occur if UAC is disabled on your PC. Here is how to enable UAC on Windows 10.

1. Open Control Panel (by right-clicking on Start) and
go to User Accounts > User Accounts. Yes, click on User Accounts twice if necessary.

Control Panel User Account

2. Click “Change User Account Control settings.”

Change User Account Control Settings

3. Set the slider to first (Alway Notify) or second Level. If that didn’t work, set it to Level 3 and try again.

Enable User Account Control in Windows 10

4. Click OK to save the changes.

Restart the PC and try to run the app with the error.

Fix 3. Run Windows 10 Troubleshoot

The latest version of Windows 10 comes with a Troubleshoot option built-into settings page. If you don’t see the Troubleshoot option in Settings > Update and Security, check the alternative method to do this.

1. Open Settings and go to Update and Security.

2. Go to the Troubleshoot tab.

3. In the “Windows Store Apps” section, click Run the troubleshooter button.

Alternative Way to Access Windows 10 Troubleshooter

1. In the Cortana search bar, type troubleshoot and select “Troubleshooting” from the options.

2. From the left pane, select View all.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting

3. Scroll down and find Windows Store apps in the options.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting Control Panel Settings

4. Click Next.

5. The Troubleshooter will check for problems with all the Windows Store apps. Select any of the suggested solution and Windows will automatically apply the fixes.

Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter Problems Found

Windows 10 will run the troubleshooter tool and fix any issue with the Store app (if any).

Fix 4: Re-Register Windows Store App

One way to fix “This app can’t open” error if happening with the Store app is to re-register the Windows Store. This will take not more than a few seconds to complete.

Follow the second method in this article “try again later. Something happened on our end” which shows how to re-register the Windows store app.

Fix 5: Reset the App

If you are facing this error with a specific Windows Store app then clearing the cache and resetting the app can fix the issue. Windows 10 has built-in options to reset Windows Store apps in the settings.

1. Open Settings from the Start.

2. Go to System and click Apps and features.

Windows 10 Apps Reset Advanced Options

3. Find the app that is showing the error and click it.

4. Click the Advanced Options link.

Reset Windows Store Apps in Windows 10

5. Now click the Reset button below the app details.

As the option says, resetting the app is useful if it is not working right.

Fix 6: Reset Windows Store

If the error is with Windows Store App, you can try resetting it to fix the error. Here is how to do it.

1. In the Cortana/Search, type PowerShell.

2. From the options, right-click on Powershell and select Run as Administrator.

Powershell Run as Admin

3. Copy and paste the following command in the
Powershell window.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Windows 10 Powershell Reset Windows Store App

4. Press Enter to execute the command.

Fix 7: Turn Off Firewall and Antivirus

If you use the Antivirus program on your PC, try disabling it temporarily. You can disable any antivirus program temporarily from the taskbar or by clicking on the hidden icon (up arrow icon).

Your Antivirus program may also come with a Firewall option. If it is enabled, try disabling it as well. You can do it by opening the Antivirus and going to settings.

If you are using the default Windows Firewall, you can disable it from Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall. 

Turn Windows Firewall On-Off - Windows 10

Try to open the apps with the error after disabling the Antivirus to see if it works right.

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