How to Fix iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo Problem

How to Fix iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo Problem – Today in this guide you will learn how to solve the iPhone stuck at Apple logo problem. If you are an iPhone user and while rebooting your iPhone, if your iPhone is stuck at Apple logo, then this guide may assist you to overcome this serious problem.

Generally, you may face this problem if you have Jailbreaked your iPhone. Jailbreaking your iPhone may give you full control on your device and help you to install different types of tweaks, but every task has its own disadvantages and some bad effects.

Now jailbreaking may be the reason behind your iPhone getting stuck at Apple logo. Be calm and follow the below given simple and easy steps in order to solve this problem.

Fix iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo Problem:

Step 1: Since your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo, Turn off your iPhone completely.

Step 2: Once turned off, press Sleep/Off + Home button simultaneously, until it’s turned off again.

Step 3: Now once again turn on your iPhone, while turning on press and hold Sleep/Off + Volume up button simultaneously.

Step 4: Once you see the Apple logo, quickly release the Sleep/Off button, but still keep holding the Volume Up button.

Step 5: Now wait till the phone reboots normally and gets you passed through the stuck at Apple Logo problem in iPhone.

Now when it is all in the normal condition, release the Volume Up button. Now keep your iPhone aside and leave it alone for a period of 30 – 40 minutes. Keep in your mind that you should not touch your iPhone for the given period.

That’s all you need to do to overcome this problem. You should have successfully solved the problem using the above method. Most of the users have reported this solution to be working for them.

If the problem still persists and occurs every now and then, then you better show it to the authorized Apple store. Since you have jailbreak your iPhone you will be not able to claim any type of warranty or guarantee on your device.

However, the Apple store will surely fix the issues charging a nominal fee.

For any doubts or suggestions feel free to ask in the comments.

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