How to Export Google Keep Notes to Evernote

Google Keep and Evernote are two best note-taking apps that are available on multiple platforms. While Google Keep has taken a simplistic approach to its working, Evernote is a full-fledged note-taking app that looks more serious in its appearance. I use Google Keep for chit-chat work like creating a to-do list, noting the shopping list etc. On the other hand, Evernote has all my writing samples, my articles sources, revisions, long-term tasks and more.

Now if you are someone who has finally decided to move from Google Keep to Evernote, you may want to know how to export Google Notes to Evernote. While there is no one-click Keep to Evernote export feature in Google Keep, here are a few ways that can help you do the same.

For some reason, Evernote does not have import from Keep option but it does have an Import from OneNote option. While we expect and wait for Google and Evernote to have export function up and running, here is how you can export notes from Keep to Evernote in the meantime.

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1. Send Individual Notes to Evernote

If you have only a few notes that need to be exported to Evernote, Google Keep has a Send option. While it is not explicitly made for export, it does the job perfectly fine.

The Send feature in Keep allows you to share individual notes with someone over Email, WhatsApp and other apps. Evernote is one of those apps.

On your Android phone, open Google Keep.

Now find the note that you want to export to Evernote.

Long press on the note and tap “three-dots” on the top-right corner.

Tap Send. It will open a number of apps that you can use to send the Keep note.


Tap Add to Evernote.

That’s it. The note will now open in  Evernote. Tap Save on Evernote to save the note.

Easy? yes. But, here are a few things you should know.

  • You can only send one note at a time using this method.
  • This works on only smartphones and I have tested only on an Android device.
  • If you export a checklist, Evernote will not retain the format, but only texts from the checklist.
  • You will also lose the date of Note creation and a new date will be added.

2. Send Through Email Directly to Evernote

If you have Evernote installed on your PC, you can send individual notes to Evernote account. Your Evernote account comes with a unique email address which can be used to send notes over email. You can also do the same from your Android phone as well.

On your PC – 

  • Launch the Evernote app.
  • Go to Tools > Account Info.
    Export Google Keep Notes to Evernote


  • Copy the email address shown alongside “Email Notes to“.
    Export Google Keep Notes to Evernote


On Android Phone –

  • Open Evernote. Tap the three horizontal bars and then tap Settings.
  • Tap on Account Info and open Evernote Email.Evernote-on-Android-Settings-Account


    Export Google Keep Notes to Evernote

  • Tap Add to Contacts.
    Export Google Keep Notes to Evernote
  • You can copy the Evernote email from the Contacts page.

Once you have the Evernote email ID, do the following.

On your Android phone, open Google Keep.

Long press on any one of the note, tap “Three-dots” and select Send.


Tap the Gmail app. When the app opens, enter the Evernote email address. Tap Send.

Wait for Gmail to upload the note and send the email. The Google Keep note will be available on your Evernote account now.

While this is a handy workaround, the downside here is also the same as the first method. You can only send on Note at a time.

Open the Evernote app on your Android phone and find the saved note and the email address. Copy and use it to send emails.

3. Export All Google Keep Notes to Evernote

What we are going to do is upload Google Keep notes to Google Docs one by one and then download the Zip file containing all the Google Keep notes.

Later import the unzipped Keep docs folder to Evernote using the import folder function. However, since the Google Docs file will be in Docx format, to view the exported notes you need to use any third-party app that can open Docs file on your phone or MS Word / Wordpad in PC.

Open Google Keep on Android phone.

Long press on the note that you want to export,  tap three-dots,  tap Copy to Google Docs.


Do this with all the Keep notes. You need to do this one by one. If you select all the notes and copy it to Google Docs at once, you will find a single Doc file with all the notes merged into it.

Open Google Drive on your PC.

Go to Recent folder. Select all the Google Keep notes you copied to the Google Docs.

Right-click on any one of the selected file and select Download.

Download Goole Keep Docs Zip Folder

A zip file containing all your Keep notes will download to your PC.

Extract the zip folder on your PC.

Open Evernote on PC and go to Tools > Import Folder.
Export Google Keep Notes to Evernote


Click Add > select the extracted notes folder and click OK.

Add Folder Evernote

That’s it. All the Google Keep notes are now available on Evernote.  As I said earlier, the notes will open in Wordpad or MS word or other similar programs only. The notes will also lose original dates that will be replaced by the new dates.

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4. Use Google Keep to Evernote Converter

You can download an archive of Keep notes using Google Takeout. However, takeout stores all the files in HTML format, so you need to convert these files into XML format recognized by Evernote.

Someone at GitHub was kind enough to write a python script to make this happen. If this is something you can do, head over to GitHub to see the script.

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  1. Gaz Avatar

    Thanks for this – some folks on the Evernote Forums have been asking how to migrate their notes, and not being a Google Keep user I haven’t really been able to help. You’ve added some options which will be helpful. One point – when you’re mentioning the Evernote account Email address, that’s only available to subscribers – users paying for their service. Users of the Basic (free) account get a few ‘trial’ emails (up to 5 I think) but then they have to upgrade for more.
    (It would be possible to upgrade for a month or two if there are a lot of notes to import!)

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