Convert Direct Download Links Into Torrent Links

If we want to download something from the internet, we usually prefer a direct download link, and that is the best practice knowing its advantages. Direct download links are more secure; you can be sure that the direct download links do not include any hidden extension or unwanted bloatware in it. However, if given a choice between a torrent link and a direct download link, which one would you choose? If you decided to go with torrent links, here is how to convert direct download links into torrent links.

At times you just feel that torrent links are better for some of its advantage over the direct download links. The direct download links can be slow at times, and this is where to Peer to Peer sharing comes into play. Torrents can be fast depending on the number of seeders available. Torrents are also preferred over direct download links if the direct download link does not support pause and resume functionality.

But, getting a torrent link for all the stuff that you want to download may not be possible because not everything is there on the torrent websites.

But, what if you could create a torrent link for any direct download links? Well, it seems like you can convert direct download links into torrents and download the files with ease.

The ability to convert direct download links into torrents is made possible by a website called URL Hash. This online tool allows you to burn direct links into torrents for free.

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Burn Direct Links Into Torrents with URL Hash

As I said earlier, the online tool URL Hash burns or converts direct download links into torrent files as long as you have direct access to the file that you want to convert and download as a torrent.

Once you have the direct download link (URL), you can use it to create torrents link using URL Hash and start downloading the file. Here is how to do it.

Note: Here are a few things to note before using URL Hash for creating torrents from direct download links.

  • URL Hash does not support files smaller than 10MB
  • The direct download link should not require any authentication for accessing the file.

Begin with copying the direct download link. So, open your PC or smartphone, go to the website or link from which you want to download the file, and copy the direct download link.

Next, go to and paste the copied direct download link in the URL field. You may also need to click the CAPTCHA box to prove that you are a human.

Once done, click the “Create .torrent” button.


Now URLHash will burn the direct download link and create a torrent file for you. Click and download the .torrent file by clicking on the link. Open the downloaded file using the BitTorrent downloader such as uTorrent etc.

If the file is large, you can pause the download anytime and resume it whenever you want. Do let us know if this article was of any help to you in the comments.


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