8 Best Alarm clock apps for Android (Free/Paid)

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Almost all the Android smartphone comes with an alarm app installed out of the box named clock.

The clock app in your Android smartphone does more than show the clock. It can help you with countdown timers, reminders, setting alarms, and of course, the usual adjusting time on your device.

However, having a dedicated alarm app can make things much easier. The least of all is being able to search it using the Alarm keyword.

Apart from the usual Alarm and other clock features, Alarm apps offer productivity features that help you get consistent sleep and monitor your sleep cycle.

In this article, I have listed the best free alarms for Android smartphones and tablets to help you wake up on time to catch up your school bus or train for work.

Let’s get started.

What are the best alarm apps for Android ?

Clock from Google

Alarm clock apps Android

Clock is a free Android alarm clock app from Google. It is one of the most popular alarm apps available on the Play Store with over 500 Million downloads.

Clock is a lightweight app with some basic functionalities, including alarm, clock, timer, countdown, and a Bedtime feature. The alarm functionality is pretty simple, as well. You can set up as many alarms as you want.

Adjust how often you wish to repeat the alarm, set label, change the alarm tone and add a Google Assistant routine where the pre-selected routine can tell you the weather forecast, calendar, reminders, and more when you dismiss the alarm.

The Bedtime feature allows you to choose a regular bedtime. It disconnects you from the phone and plays soothing sounds helping you sleep better.

Download: Clock from Google

Simple Alarm Clock

Alarm clock apps Android

The Simple Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock application that allows you to set, edit, and remove alarms on your Android phone.

While the user interface is clean with all options nicely tucked under the menu option, the ads are a bit of an eyesore for a relatively intuitive interface.

To set the alarm, tap on the + icon. Next, type in your Alarm hours followed by the days to repeat, and finally, select an alarm tone from the gallery. You can also enter an optional message that will display when the alarm goes off.

You can further customize the app in its settings by changing the alarm type, volume, effects, and change theme.

For snooze and stop, it offers three stop buttons, set snooze duration, and time before auto-snooze. The premium version of the app provides identical features but without the ads.

Download: Simple Alarm Clock

Early Rise Alarm Clock

Alarm clock apps Android

If you are bored of the usual alarm clock sound, try Early Rise Alarm Clock. With a combination of soothing sounds, guided audio, and some customized triggers, the app helps you wake up and start your day. The app requires you to answer some questions before you can set the alarm.

Early Rise Alarm Clock is a freemium app, which means most of the content is locked behind a paywall. The app offers multiple meditation audio and wake up feeling. However, only a few of them are free to use.

To set the alarm, begin by selecting a meditation audio, wake up feeling, time, choose volume level, and then click on Start alarm. Proceed to answer a few questions related to your sleep schedule. If you want to cancel the alarm, slide up the screen, and that should do it.

Download: Early Rise Alarm Clock

Smart Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm clock apps Android

As the name suggests, Smart Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is an alarm for heavy sleepers. It offers a unified profile based workflow with each alarm having its settings.

To setup, an alarm, launch the app and tap on the + icon at the bottom. You can customize the recurrence settings, alarm icon to show, time, days, and add a custom note for each alarm.

Smart Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers features decent customization options, including the ability to check alarm history, setup off days, and a Places feature to make your alarm location-aware so that the alarm will only go off in certain areas.

Download: Smart Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm Clock Xtreme by AVG

Android alarm clock app Heavy sleeper

Alarm Clock Xtreme is another freemium alarm clock for Android devices. While the app is free to use, the paid version offers an ad-free experience. This app comes with two preset alarm options that you can delete if you don’t want them.

To setup, an alarm, tap on the + icon at the bottom. Here you have an option to set a reminder, a quick alarm, or a standard daily alarm.

Apart from the usual alarm features, Alarm Clock Xtreme offers multiple dismiss option where you can add a puzzle that needs to be resolved for the alarm to be dismissed.

Included wakeup feature asks you to confirm if you are still awake before dismissing the alarm. You can further customize the alarm by applying different themes and change settings for better privacy.

Download: Alarm Clock Xtreme

Sleep Cycle

Android alarm clock Light sleeper

If you are looking for an alarm clock to track your sleep routine, look at Sleep Cycle. It is designed to wake you up at the perfect time, feeling rested. With the help of your phone’s microphone, it can ignore all other sounds and analyze your movements.

The sleep aid feature offers plenty of options to analyze your sleeping habits better; You can read stories or use the built-in body and mind guide to help you prepare for a good sleep. Using Sleep Cycle, you can set multiple alarms with their own settings.

Some of the more premium features like Statistics, online backup, sleep notes, wake up the mood, and weather report is hidden behind the paywall.

That said, you need to create an account or login with your Google account to use the app that can be annoying for new users.

Download: Sleep Cycle


Alarm clock apps Android

AlarmMon is one of the most fun-loving alarm apps you will find in the PlayStore. While the app is quite popular in South Korea, it has been slowly gaining traction in other parts of the world.

To setup, an alarm, tap the + icon at the bottom. Next, you need to select one of the Alarm games and then select an alarm character. You can download more characters if the existing characters don’t excite you.

All the characters are associated with a unique alarm game. If you are a heavy sleeper, choose a character with loud animation. For light sleepers, there are quiet characters with easy games.

When the alarm goes off, you need to play the game to dismiss the alarm. You can also turn off alarm games if you want.

Tapping on the existing alarm will turn it on or off. You can also check your alarm history and customize other features in the settings.

Download: AlarmMon

Challenges Alarm

Alarm clock apps Android

If waking up the heavy sleeper in you is a challenge, Challenges Alarm can help you with this task. While it works great as a standard alarm, you can add a challenge to your alarm like completing a math problem, solving a shape sequence, or retyping words to dismiss the alarm.

You can change the alarm configuration by tweaking the vibration, the number of snoozes, and the snooze duration. It also comes with an option to set an extra loud alarm that will override the system volume.

Additionally, you can choose between a light or dark theme. To duplicate an alarm, tap the three dots beside the alarm and choose Duplicate Alarm.

Use the toggle switch to turn on or off the alarm. While the free version is ad-supported, you can opt-out by making a one time purchase.

Download: Challenges Alarm

Waking up early in the morning can be a challenging task for many, especially for heavy sleepers. Most of the alarm apps in this article come with additional challenges that trick your brain into waking up.

For light sleepers, these clocks offer standard alarm features with unlimited snoozes and customization options.

Have you tried any of the alarm clock apps in this article? Do let us know your experience in the comments below.

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