Best Business Card Scanner Apps for Android

What is a Business card? A business card is basically a card used by the different business people, which contains basic information about their business. Now as we all know that in this world most of the business activities are going online, thus nowadays business cards are not carried physically by the business people but instead of that business cards are scanned and saved in their e-devices.

If you are looking for an app which will scan your business card and save it your e-device, then you are at the right place. Today in this guide you will find 8 best business card scanner apps available in the Google Play Store. So all the business card scanner apps are briefly described below.

Business Card Reader

The Business Card Reader is an Android app available in the Play store, which will scan your business card and also save it your device. Scanning a business card is not only the feature of this app but using this app one can also create their own Android-based business card using BC designer. This app also supports seven different languages.

You can download Business Card Reader from here.

Business Card Reader SugarCRM

Business Card Reader SugarCRM is also one of the most famous business card scanner apps. This app is not as much complicated as other apps. This app uses your rear camera to scan your business card, once scanned, the card is automatically imported to your SugarCRM account. A special feature of this app is that you can add your additional info to the card after scanning it.

You can download Business Card Reader SugarCRM from here.

CamCard Free

CamCard is the most popular and the most downloaded business card scanner app in the play store. This app scans your business card and directly saves the card to your Android device. Using this app, you can sync your contact to your card, this app shows the direction, based on the scanned business cards.

You can download the CamCard Free from here.


EverCard is yet another business card scanner app easily available in the Play store. This app also uses your device inbuilt cameras to scan the business cards. This app also supports 4 different languages. The scanned card can be also individually saved to the different contacts using the EverCard app.

You can download the EverCard app from here.

Business Card Info (BCI)

Anther basic business card scanner app called Business Card Info. This app doesn’t give you that much of features like other apps give, but it has a unique feature which makes it different from any other app. The business cards scanned and saved through this app can be searched via an interactive map.

You can download the Business Card Info app from here.

ScanBIZCards Lite – Scan Card

ScanBIZCard is an Android app developed by ScanBiz Mobile Solutions LP. This is just another basic business card scanner app which scans the card saves it your device. This app has a  interesting user interface, this app allows you to sync your contacts to the scanned cards.

You can download the ScanBIZCards from here.

World Card Mobile

World Card Mobile is an Android app which allows you to directly click the photos of the business card and to directly sync it your contacts. This app has a very simple user interface making users use it easily and it has also owned the title of Best Business Card Reading App Award.

You can download the World Card Mobile app from here.

Card Scanner

Card Scanner is a simple yet effective business card scanner app with some cool features which will save your time and also will not confuse you. This app scans the business card and saves it directly to your device. All the cards are stored in the Zoho CRM account. This app auto-fills the account after being extracted.

You can download the Card Scanner app from here.

These are the best business card scanner apps currently available in the Play store. Feel free to tell us about which app is best for you, for any doubts or suggestions do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Iatsham Jamadar Avatar
    Iatsham Jamadar

    I would like to suggest Bric App as a great alternative.It works well as a business card scanner, has options to export data in CSV and also store a copy to phone book / Google contacts etc amongst many other features.

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