8 Best Call Recorder App for your Android Phone

Suppose you are on a call and the person who is talking with you gives all the information about a particular thing, and once the call gets ended, you may forget all those things which he said to you. What you can do in such situation. Either you can do yoga and meditation to enhance your memory, or you can use the much simpler yet effective way of remembering things. If you are thinking about the later option, then have a look at our best call recorder app for your Android phone.

Using a call recorder app, you can record whole conversations and listen to it whenever you are in need of it. There are plenty of call recording apps for Android phone available in the Google Play Store. But, the question is, which is the best call recording app for Android?

To make it easy for you, here are the 8 best call recording apps available in the Play store for free. Below are the call recorder apps discussed briefly one by one.

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Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy Call Recorder is a call recording app available in the Play store. This call recording app is for Samsung users. This app uses Android Standard API, so the two-way recording works on only some smartphones such as S8/7/6/5/4/3/2 and Note 6/5/4/3/2. Hence rest all of the Samsung smartphone users should keep their loudspeaker enable while in a call to record the two-way.

This app is used by the most of Samsung users, and this app is very easy to use. Once you download and install this app on your device, it will start recording the calls which you receive and the calls made by you. This app organises your recorded call list in an excellent manner.

You can download the Galaxy Call Recorder app from here.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is also one of the popular call recording app currently available in the Play store. This app comes with some of the unique features which make it different from its competitors. This app records your calls and saves it in high-quality PMC and AAC formats. Once the calls get successfully recorded, you can easily move the recorded calls to your PC.

You can download the Easy Voice Recorder app from here.

Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder is one of the most downloaded call recording app available in the Play store. The main feature of this app is that this app is compatible with all Android versions. This app is light, simple and easy to use. This app also provides you with the Password protection option, where you can set your password and lock all the recorded calls.

You can download the Call Recorder app from here.

RMC: Android Call Recorder

This is an anther simple call recording app like any other. This app doesn’t have any special features nor any drawbacks too. You have to enable the call recording manually once you have downloaded and installed this app. This app supports most of the Android smartphones.

You can download the RMC: Android Call Recorder from here.

Paid Call Recording Apps

If you are looking for than just basic call recording app then here is the list of best premium call recording apps for Android.

Easy Voice call Recorder Pro

Easy Voice Call Recorder Pro is the same call recording app which we discussed above. But this is a Pro version of that app you have to pay for it. Since it is a Pro version, it comes with some additional features. In Pro, you will be able to switch between manual recording and automatic recording. In Pro version, the app excludes your recorded calls from being listed in the automatic Android media scan, which it uses to find music. This Pro version has also got the positive rating from its users.

You can download the Easy Voice Call Recorder Pro from here.

Call Recorder Pro

Call Recorder Pro is another paid call recording app available in the Play store. Some unique features of the Pro version are, it allows you to lock the particular conversation which you choose, to prevent from auto-deleting. This app is supported by HTC One Series, Samsung Galaxy 4/4/5/6/7 and Nexus 5.

You can download the Call Recorder Pro from here.

All Call Recorder Deluxe

All Call Recorder Deluxe is a paid Android app which comes with some different features which other call recording app lack. This app allows you to record your calls; you can just manually select the calls which you wish to be recorded. One of the main features of this app is that it provides a share option where you can share your recorded calls via Facebook, Bluetooth, E-mail, different cloud storage and the list continues.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Auto Call Recorder Pro is also one of the most famous paid call recording app available in the Play store. In my point of view, this app is the value for money as it gives you enough feature for its price. You can record your calls and directly save it your device; it has some other features such as automatic cloud storage, different working modes and so on.

So this was the list of best free and paid Android Call recording apps. Feel free to tell us which was the call recording app you liked the most.

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