4 Ways to Boot Android Phone into Safe Mode

Booting your Android device into safe mode allows you to troubleshoot any issues with the phone caused by a third-party app. It means once you have booted into safe mode, you will not be able to use third-party apps except the default apps on your device.

Android devices are booted into safe mode due to several reasons. It can be because a third-party app crashes frequently, apps are not responding, your smartphone freezes occasionally experiencing lag while performing any tasks, and so on.

To troubleshoot these problems, you can boot your device into Safe mode.

Today, in this post, we will show you how you can boot your Android device into safe mode quickly. We have listed four different ways to achieve the same just in case one or other methods did not work for you.

Boot Android Phone Into Safe Mode

1. Use Safe Mode from Power off option

The latest version of Android has made it easy to enter Safe mode. Android users can access the Safe Mode option from the power option. Here’s how to do it.

  1. On your Android phone, press and hold the Power key to bring up the Power off icon.
    Boot into Safe mode Android
  2. Tap and hold the Power off icon for a few seconds or until the Safe Mode option is displayed.
    Boot into Safe mode Android
  3. Tap on the Safe Mode icon to restart your Phone in Safe Mode.
  4. Now your phone will reboot into Safe mode.
  5. Once in Safe mode, you can troubleshoot your phone for any issues.

Stuck in Android safe mode? Here’s how to disable it!

2. Use built-in safe mode

  1. Unlock your Android device and enter the Home.
  2. Press the Power key for approx 20 seconds.
  3.  Now press the Power off option which has popped up on your screen.
  4.  Once your device has been shut down completely, press the Power key and hold it until it shows a pop-up confirmation for safe mode.
  5. Once the pop-up for Safe mode appears on your screen, select the option.
  6. Wait for approx 1-2 minutes to enter into the Safe mode.

That’s it. Once the process is completed, you have successfully booted your Android device into Safe mode.

3. Boot into safe mode while rebooting

If Method 1 didn’t work for you, this step should work. This process is similar to the first method with a slight change.

  1. Press the power key for approx 20 seconds.
  2. Now instead of pressing the power off option, you need to press on the Reboot option.
  3. Now while your device is restarting, hold both up and down volume keys simultaneously for approx 30 seconds.
  4. Once the pop-up for Safe mode appears on your screen, confirm by tapping on Safe Mode.
  5. Wait for 1-2 minutes to enter into the Safe mode.

4. Use the physical key combination

  1. Press and hold the power key.
  2. Select Power off to turn off your phone completely.
  3. Once your device is completely powered off, press the Volume up + Volume down + Power key simultaneously for few seconds.
  4. The device will enter into the recovery mode.
  5. Be cautious while working with the recovery mode.
  6. Under Recovery Mode, select the Safe Mode option to boot into Safe Mode.

Booting into Safe Mode in Android is easy on the latest Android smartphones. However, we have also included a couple of more ways to boot into Safe Mode if you are running device with an older version of Android.

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